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digital down load Rec Center Dream.
Music Video for "Rec Center Dream"
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Off to College to Study Classical Guitar - Please check back for future updates

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ChrisUnited's digital download is at and physical CD for is 1st original mastered song "Rec Center Dream" is available on Search "Rec Center Dream" on either.
In the works - Music Video DVD of his 1st original song "Rec Center Dream".
Download "Rec Center Dream" on for only .99 cents. 

 At the age of 5 Chris went to a guitar show in Saratoga Springs New York and on the way from the car to the City Center he saw a few buskers playing guitars and banjos on the sidewalks. Chris requested that his little guitar be retreived from the car so that he could join in and play and sing on the sidewalk too. Chris now, at age 13 still makes a point of going to Saratoga Springs durring his summer vacation, in between concerts and events to enjoy playing, singing, and sharing his passion on the streets of Saratoga.


In the summer of 2010 Chris was 8 yrs old and performed at 11 coffee houses and open mics.


At 9 years old Chris received requests to perform and did perform  at Arcstock 2011 along with requests to perform at coffee houses such as The Coffee Beanery in Perth New York where Sawyer Fredricks was also performing and even a 2 hour concert for a village. Chris also opened for bands in 2011 via requests. Chris at 10 yrs old held his first exclusive 1 1/2 hour private concert where Chris performed 22 songs.


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